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CIGRE Paris 2024

Aug 2024
Aug 2024
Aug 2024
Aug 2024
Paris (France), booth 148

AMPACIMON at CIGRE 2024: Innovating Grid Management with Dynamic Line Rating

From August 25th to August 30th, 2024, AMPACIMON will be proudly showcasing its latest innovations at the CIGRE exhibition in Paris. This prestigious event, held at the Palais des Congrès, brings together global leaders in the power systems industry, providing an unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing cutting-edge technologies. AMPACIMON invites all attendees to visit booth 148 to discover how our advanced solutions can enhance grid management and efficiency.

Why Visit AMPACIMON at CIGRE 2024?

AMPACIMON has been at the forefront of developing technologies that revolutionize the way electricity transmission systems are managed. Our focus at this year’s CIGRE exhibition will be on our industry-leading Line Rating solutions (Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR) and Dynamic Line Rating(DLR)), Facility Rating solution (FR), how we integrate with US FERC 881 requirements and our AI based Partial Discharge Monitoring solutions. These advancements are pivotal in optimizing grid performance, increasing capacity, and ensuring reliability in the face of growing energy demands and renewable integration.

Ambient Adjusted Rating: Enhancing Transmission Efficiency

Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR) is a technology that allows to adjust the power line ratings based on ambient temperature conditions. This approach provides a more flexible and responsive method of managing transmission capacity, particularly in regions with significant temperature variations.

AAR can be particularly advantageous in scenarios where seasonal temperature changes affect line ratings. By adjusting capacity ratings in real-time based on ambient conditions, utilities can maximize the use of their existing infrastructure, thus improving efficiency and reliability without the need for extensive upgrades.

Checkout GridBoost Line Rating Lite to find out more about AMPACIMON's solution for AAR. 

Dynamic Line Rating: A Game Changer in Grid Management

Another key technology we will be highlighting at CIGRE 2024 is Dynamic Line Rating. DLR allows transmission operators to determine the real-time capacity of powerlines based on various environmental and operational conditions. Unlike traditional static ratings, which rely on conservative estimates and fixed parameters, DLR systems measure actual line conditions, such as temperature, wind speed, and electrical load. This enables a more accurate assessment of line capacity, which can significantly increase the amount of power that can be safely transmitted.

By implementing DLR, utilities can defer or avoid costly infrastructure investments, enhance system reliability, and integrate more renewable energy sources. At AMPACIMON, our DLR solutions have been successfully deployed innumerous projects worldwide, demonstrating tangible benefits in terms of cost savings and operational efficiency.

Check out our news section to find out more about DLR technology and related case studies

Compliance with FERC 881: Meeting New Standards

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 881 is a significant regulatory development aimed at improving the transparency and accuracy of transmission line ratings in the United States. This order requires transmission providers to implement Dynamic Line Rating or Ambient Adjusted Rating systems to ensure that line ratings reflect real-time conditions as closely as possible, hence increasing the capacity of existing lines.

AMPACIMON’s solutions are designed to help utilities comply with FERC 881. Our DLR and AAR and Facility Rating systems provide the real-time data and analytics required to meet these new regulatory standards, ensuring that utilities can operate more efficiently and transparently. By adopting our technologies, utilities not only achieve compliance but also gain significant operational advantages.

Check out how large Southwest IOU partnered with AMPACIMON to achieve FERC Order 881compliance.

AI based Partial Discharge Monitoring solutions

Due to aging of the infrastructure, a radical change in load distribution, “dirty power” from converters and many other factors, insulating material of electrical equipment are exposed to heavy stresses and accelerated aging leading potentially into a breakdown. To avoid unexpected outages, condition monitoring of transformer, switchgear and cables is becoming standard in the utility sector.

AMPACIMON’s GridLife technology represents the latest state of the art technology with a scalable hardware technology acquiring data for partial discharge analysis together with parameters like temperature and humidity, using Fiber Optic for communication and GPS for localization, and a AI based software for automatic identification of PD patterns.

Checkout the GridLife Suite to find out more about solving aging infrastructure. 

Meet the Experts at Booth 148

At CIGRE 2024, AMPACIMON’s team of experts will be on hand at booth 148 to demonstrate our latest technologies and discuss how they can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different utilities. Visitors will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations, ask questions, and learn about successful case studies from around the world.

Our booth will feature interactive displays and detailed presentations on how DLR, AAR and FR systems can be integrated into existing grid infrastructures and how our condition monitoring solutions help Asset Managers to operate safe and reliable grids efficiently. We are also excited to share insights into our ongoing projects and future developments that promise to further enhance grid management capabilities.

Prepare for your visit and contact us now to book a meeting! 

Why CIGRE 2024 is a Must-Attend Event

The CIGRE exhibition is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of the power systems industry, attracting a diverse range of professionals from engineers and researchers to decision-makers and policy advisors. This year’s event promises to be an exciting convergence of ideas and innovations, addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the energy sector.

By attending CIGRE 2024 and visiting AMPACIMON at booth 148, participants will gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in grid management technology. It’s an opportunity to engage with industry experts, explore cutting-edge solutions, and discover how AMPACIMON’s technologies can drive efficiency and reliability in power transmission.

For more information about this event, visit the CIGRE Paris 2024 website. 

Join Us in Paris

We invite all attendees of the CIGRE 2024 exhibition to stop by booth 148 and discover how AMPACIMON’s Dynamic Line Rating and Ambient Adjusted Rating solutions can transform your grid management practices. Whether you’re looking to comply with FERC 881 standards, enhance transmission capacity, or integrate more renewable energy sources, our team is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Join us in Paris for a week of innovation, networking, and learning. We look forward to meeting you at CIGRE 2024! Use the registration form below to book a meeting with us! 


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