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Press Release: Ampacimon Announces GridLife Energy Grid Asset Health Monitoring Software Enabling Proactive Maintenance with 96% Accuracy

Feb 2024

GridLife’s AI-powered Analytics Give Utilities Early Warnings for Line Defect Monitoring Indicating Dangerous Faults Before They Occur

Atlanta, GA and Loncin, Belgium – February 21, 2024 – Ampacimon, the leading provider of grid monitoring and analytics solutions for optimal operation of the world’s critical energy infrastructure, is proud to announce the latest version of its asset health monitoring product suite, Ampacimon GridLife. The suite is the next generation of Ampacimon's proven, comprehensive asset grid health monitoring software and analytics solutions. With a 96% accuracy rate, Ampacimon GridLife is a sensor-agnostic software platform that provides insights into grid asset health, thereby enabling predictive maintenance and preventing electric grid outages before they occur without physical cable inspections. With Ampacimon GridLife, the world’s energy grid operators experience fewer unplanned grid failures, extending the life of existing assets and improving power delivery, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.


Historically, utilities have relied on manual inspections by engineers, working long hours and driving long distances back and forth to monitor cables and substations for problem areas. Ampacimon is changing and challenging that norm by offering a fully automated software solution. Ampacimon GridLife monitors grid cable health in real-time and uses AI to identify dangerous faults before they occur. With GridLife, utilities take the need for field engineers out of the equation.


"We are disrupting the market by challenging traditional service mentalities that strain the electric grid. Where others have tried and failed to reduce reliance on manual labor to inspect thousands upon thousands of distribution cables, we have succeeded,” says Stephan Heberer, CEO of Ampacimon. “GridLife is a highly accurate sensor-agnostic software solution that provides predictive maintenance to find and stop failures before they occur. Peer-reviewed field and lab tests prove our solution has a 96% accuracy rate. We’ve set the standard for the industry.”


Ampacimon GridLife extends a partial discharge monitoring solution to medium voltage lines, medium voltage switchgear and others, ushering in a new era of efficient asset management within the industry. The solution provides several benefits, including the reduction of waste, improving reliability, and allowing for higher transmissions from renewable energy sources.


Utilities no longer need to rely only on manual inspections of equipment that could span thousands of miles. With over a decade of industry-leading partial discharge data, Ampacimon offers a complete, automated solution that can pinpoint the exact location of any defect in electrical systems, creating invaluable data that can be used to make more informed decisions regarding asset repair or replacement, resource allocation, and reducing unexpected failures or outages. Pulling from a decade of data, Ampacimon's technology leads the industry in partial discharge data quality, allowing it to filter out noise to create meaningful alerts and notifications with more accurate results compared to other available technologies.


Stephan Heberer continues: “For permanent surveillance ofinsulation systems on GIS, transformers, rotating machines, motors, cables, or other high voltage equipment, proactive partial discharge monitoring systems are a must. Our latest solution has spurred a paradigm shift that is challenging the status quo. Ampacimon is proud to be at the forefront of the market, changing the way the industry approaches the management and maintenance of the world’s aging electric grid.”



About Ampacimon:  

Ampacimon is the global leader in transmission and distribution electricity grid optimization solutions. Its solutions increase the capacity of existing transmission and distribution systems by as much as 40%, monitor critical assets, analyze grid health conditions, and identify mechanical and electrical faults. Its data-driven solutions enable grid operators to accelerate renewables integration and the transition to clean energy. Ampacimon’s patented measurement systems and advanced analytics enable operators to maximize the capacity of grid assets, optimize maintenance priorities, and prioritize grid modernization investments. Its solutions include GridVisor DLR, GridBoost AAR, and GridLife partial discharge monitoring. Ampacimon solutions make it possible for grid operators to achieve FERC 881 compliance in the U.S., NERC’s FAC-008 data-intensive standard to ensure facility ratings and other important regulatory requirements around the globe. Headquartered in the US and Belgium with offices in Spain, Ampacimon has a global presence with systems installed in most tier-one transmission and distribution grids worldwide. To learn more, visit


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