ADR View

Ampacity quantification and modeling tool, based on historical weather data


ADR Sense

Self-powered vibration sensor with GSM data transmission


ADR Operate

Ampacimon’s data-acquisition and ampacity computation real-time engine


ADR Trend

1-4 hours ampacity forecast software


ADR Horizon

60 hours ampacity forecast software using weather forecast data


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Ampacimon works alongside its customers on all continents to help them optimize their grid.

Founded in 2010 based on research undertaken since 2003 at University of Liège (Belgium) by Prof Jean-Louis Lilien and Prof Jacques Destiné, Ampacimon developped innovative Dynamic Line Rating systems.

A first field-test was initiated in 2008 on the Elia high-voltage grid in Belgium. Through the EU-funded «Twenties » project (completed in 2013) with RTE (France), REE (Spain) and Elia (Belgium), Ampacimon was able to demonstrate that its DLR system was not only technologically proven, but also the most effective in the field.

Since then, Ampacimon started bringing to the market the ADR (Ampacimon Dynamic Rating) product line, including quantification/modelling tools, real-time monitoring systems, up to day-ahead forecasting software, integrated in T/DSOs SCADAs.

Ampacimon works alongside its customers globally, helping them to optimize their grids.

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