Overhead Line Monitoring

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Innovative solution for Dynamic Line Rating

Ampacimon provides dynamic Ampacity (current capacity) as TSOs need it: Safe, Accurate and Predictive!

Ampacimon is an innovative monitoring system for overhead lines. Ampacimon uses autonomous Vibration Monitors to capture conductor status data and transmits this data through the Internet to a remote server at the TSO dispatching center.

The originality of Ampacimon is to extract real time sag data directly out of the vibration frequency spectrum. This unique physical approach allows Ampacimon to monitor the sag of critical spans without any parameter set or calibration. Therefore the system is absolutely reliable while being very simple to install and operate.

What can Ampacimon help TSOs with?

cocheIntegrate more renewable energy into your network and reduce curtailing of production on « partial load » connections

cocheIncrease capacity in congested areas of your network in a matter of months

cocheMonitor your lines to avoid all clearance violation and prove it.

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2nd annual DLR Day

Recent Advances and field experience
in Dynamic Line Rating

« Forecasting, the key to unlocking
the value of DLR? »

Brussels, May 30 2013

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  • Elia
  • RTE
  • Bc Hydro
  • 50 Hertz
  • National grid