ADR View

Ampacity quantification and modeling tool, based on historical weather data


ADR Sense

Self-powered vibration sensor with GSM data transmission


ADR Operate

Ampacimon’s data-acquisition and ampacity computation real-time engine


ADR Trend

1-6 hours ampacity forecast software


ADR Horizon

60 hours ampacity forecast software using weather forecast data


Gridvisor 2021-03-03T10:48:19+01:00



Joint electrical and mechanical faults detection

Pinpointing faults is simple with GridVisor’s multi-sensing capability which simultaneously employs fault location with FCI functionalities, GPS signature and mechanical impact detection.

Often a fault is the result of a physical failure of a component on the pole or the power line coming in contact with an object like a tree branch. In such cases, the mechanical impact on the power line itself is also detected by GridVisor’s on board 3-axis accelerometer to substantiate whether the fault occurred due to a local physical impact.

GridVisor as a pillar in your digitalization strategy

The fault current indication, mechanical impact detection and GPS localization allows faster fault response, by pinpointing the fault location and giving the likely cause. Improvements in restoration and reliability allow return on investments from tangible SAIDI/SAIFI improvements.
Physical risks not visible in the electrical domain like ice accretion, pole displacement, conductor galloping, excessive heat and sag, and conductor drop can be remotely detected and location pinpointed for preventive maintenance. Combined with the electrical fault signal, contact with vegetation, clashing conductors and conductor drop resulting in short circuits can be more accurately identified.

Monitoring in real-time the phase current allows anomalies to be identified. These may be caused by integration of renewables, electric vehicles and distributed storage devices. Trends and statistics can be used to support investment decisions and trigger grid control actions based on thresholds. This supports your pathway to Advanced Distribution Management Systems and Fault Localization, Isolation and Service Restoration strategies.


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