Securing electricity supply

Facts :

Belgium, winter 2014. Following the shutdown of Tihange 2 and Doel 3 nuclear power plants, the country faces a major shortage risk and must forcibly increase physical import capacity from neighbouring countries (France, the Netherlands).

Constraints :

Increasing import capacity within 2 months.

Ampacimon solution :

Ampacimon’s ADR Sense modules were installed on 8 lines interconnecting the Belgian grid to the French and Dutch grids, resulting in 30-40% flow increase on these lines. ADR Horizon, when combined with real-time measurements, provides capacity availability forecasts 60 hours ahead, transmitting them to neighbouring grids and to Coreso, the regional co-ordination body.


ADR View
ADR Sense
ADR Operate
ADR Trend
ADR Horizon


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Monsieur Albert Dupont,
directeur réseau

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