Grid integration of renewables

Facts :

A large European system operator must connect 9 MW of new wind power on its 63 kV grid.

Contraints :

Building a new HV line will cost € 24 M with a 5-year delivery time.

Ampacimon solution:

ADR Sense was installed in 3 months, allowing a 50% increase in capacity, thus avoiding line congestion.

Typical example: Ampacimon allows optimised use of existing lines in case of grid integration of renewable sources.


ADR View
ADR Sense
ADR Operate
ADR Trend
ADR Horizon


« The Ampacimon system is fully integrated with our real time control tools. It allows us to manage our grid with more flexibility, by facilitating the integration of wind energy produced in the North Sea. »

Monsieur Gaetan Schoore,
System Engineer bei Elia National Control Center


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