Ampacimon & Aclara : New Partnership !

Ampacimon is expanding its service range to distribution grid operators by entering a partnership with Aclara, particularly its line monitoring systems for integration of Distributed Energy Resources.

Ampacimon deployed the first pilot project for Aclara sensors at CREOS in Luxembourg. The sensors were mounted on 20kV lines subject to high renewables generation infeed. The first findings from data collected over a period of six months were reported. This pilot project uses MV Sensors that monitor the load and fault currents, as well as direction of current. Within this period, the real-time communication of data was confirmed, occurrences of faults were detected and their waveforms were recorded. It is expected that such a monitoring system will allow CREOS to analyse the variation in line loading caused by infeed from renewables and to determine control actions to limit any overloading. It will also allow them to restore quickly in case of a fault, by having increased visibility of the MV network.

You can find Detailed Product Description and Use Cases here : MV Sensor & Power Sensor