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Ampacity quantification and modeling tool, based on historical weather data


ADR Sense

Self-powered vibration sensor with GSM data transmission


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Ampacimon’s data-acquisition and ampacity computation real-time engine


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1-4 hours ampacity forecast software


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60 hours ampacity forecast software using weather forecast data


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ADR Sense-D

DLR monitoring sensor for Distribution grids

A sensor monitoring Dynamic Line Rating in real time for Distribution over-head power lines (up to 130kV).

The patented sensing method used by ADR- Sense-D derives from the one used for more than 10 years by ADR-Sense, the leading Transmission monitoring sensor used by many TSOs.

It relies on a patented sensing method using low frequency mechanical vibrations of the line (induced by wind, thermal convection) and use them to compute the sag of the line.

ADR-Sense-D’s principle relies on the direct relationship linking the fundamental vibration frequency of a conductor to its sag.

Therefore, no calibration, no conductor data, no conductor model required, an accurate sag measurement is guaranteed, ensuring a safe and secure operation of the grid at all times.

ADR Sense’s other key feature is that, besides the temperature and the current, it measures wind speed exactly where it matters: on the conductor itself.

The wind is indeed the most influential parameter in determining the ampacity (all other parameters being constant, the ampacity doubles when wind speed increases from 0.5m/s to 5m/s).

ADR-Sense-D is designed specifically for distribution overhead lines and features in particular:

  • a light weight, to avoid inducing mechanical stress on small conductors
  • suitable for a large range of conductor cross sections
  • a large range, self-powered electronics, enabling the sensor to operate without batteries, therefore avoiding maintenance.
  • Ease of installation: can be installed from the ground, even on live lines, 10mn installation time: sensors can easily be moved to different lines if needed

Besides the sag and wind speed required for DLR, ADR-Sense-D also monitors the electrical load (current) and the temperature.

ADR-Sense-D allows DSOs to:

  • easily integrate more Renewables, in particular Wind Generation, thanks to the strong correlation between increased thermal ratings of lines cooled down by wind.
  • maximize the use of existing assets in full safety, giving DSOs another tool to optimize Capex.
  • monitor key parameters of critical lines, in a fully integrated solution, enabling to move to a real «smart grid».

ADR-Sense-D is a part of the ADR product family, which offers a complete hardware and software suite of products to actively monitor lines for Dynamic Line Rating applications, fully SCADA-integrated, including forecasting capabilities.


Grid integration of renewables
Optimizing existing lines during scheduled maintenance
Summer/winter load peak management


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ADR View
ADR Operate
ADR Trend
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