ADR Operate

Ampacimon’s data-acquisition and ampacity computation real-time engine.

It provides sag and ampacity for each span monitored by sensors, computed and refreshed every 5 minutes. Data is available for each span, and the full line. It also allows one to retrieve key operational real-time parameters for each sensor, including the perpendicular wind speed.

ADR Operate supports most communication protocols (DNP3, Modbus, ICCP, TASE2…) to enable a seamless integration with customers SCADA/EMS.

Typical ampacity gains seen on lines vary depending on a specific line topology and configuration, but would typically fall between 20 to 100% (in real time) of seasonal rating depending on prevailing weather conditions and required minimum ground clearance (or max sag):



Grid integration of renewables
Optimising existing lines during scheduled maintenance
Assurer la sécurité d’approvisionnement électrique


ADR View
ADR Sense
ADR Trend
ADR Horizon

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